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Hornitos, CA 95325

Mariposa County - California state

US Zip Codes US Zip Codes California Zip Codes California Zip Codes HornitosCA 95325 USA

Whats near:
Airport: Mariposa-Yosemite Airport9.6m
Mariposa - Bus Stop (MRP) Amtrak station13.2m
Mariposa - Midtown Bus Stop (MRM) Amtrak station13.7m
Midpines - Bus Stop (MDP) Amtrak station15.2m
Merced College18.7m
Greyhound: Merced, CA20.8m
Airport: Castle Airport21.4m
Airport: Merced Municipal Airport (Macready Field)22.6m
Prison: Valley State Prison for Women (VSPW)28.1m
Prison: Central California Womens Facility (CCWF)28.9m
Prison: Sierra Conservation Center (SCC)31.8m
Greyhound: Turlock, CA34.6m
Local golf courses:
Hidden Hills Resort & Golf Club11.6m
Merced Hills Golf Club15.4m
Merced Golf & Country Club15.5m
Rancho Del Rey Golf Club23.2m
Pine Mountain Lake Golf & Country Club23.9m
Pheasant Run Golf Course26.4m
River Creek Golf Course28.7m
Sierra Meadows Golf & Country Club29.8m
Mountain Springs Golf & Country Club30.8m
Wawona Hotel Golf Course31.1m
Yosemite Lakes Park Golf Course32.6m
Madera Golf & Country Club34.1m
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Local hotel/motel accommodation for "Hornitos, CA 95325":
Yosemite Inn Yosemite Inn
Rating: 3
Rooms: 27
Mariposa, CA 95338
Price: $69.99
book now Hornitos, CA 95325
Hornitos, CA 95325
Distance to hotel: 13.29miles
Best Western Yosemite Way Station Best Western Yosemite Way Station
Rating: 3
Rooms: 78
Mariposa, CA 95338
Price: $55.99
book now Hornitos, CA 95325
Hornitos, CA 95325
Distance to hotel: 13.80miles

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