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Clarksville/Red River County Airport (J.D. Trissell Field)

Where is Clarksville/Red River County Airport (J.D. Trissell Field) in Texas?

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Whats near:
Airport: Cox Field22.5m
Prison: Idabel Community Work Center24.5m
Exit 170 I-30 Cookville, TX 7555826.8m
Paris Junior College27.1m
Exit 178 I-30 Omaha, TX 7557127.9m
Exit 165 I-30 Mt Pleasant, TX 7545528.5m
Greyhound: Mt Pleasant, TX30.2m
Northeast Texas Community College35.4m
Prison: Barry B. Telford Unit35.8m
Airport: Stan Stamper Municipal Airport41.0m
Airport: Stan Stamper Municipal Airport41.1m
Greyhound: Sulphur Springs, TX46.6m
Local golf courses:
Clarksville Golf & Country Club5.4m
Pine Ridge Golf Course24.6m
Idabel Golf & Country Club25.2m
Paris Golf & Country Club25.5m
Elk Hollow Golf Course26.5m
Shadow Lakes Golf Course27.9m
Mount Pleasant Golf & Country Club28.1m
Rock Creek Golf Course33.7m
Delta Golf & Country Club35.1m
Hugo Golf Club36.9m
Sulphur Springs Golf & Country Club41.0m
Princedale Golf & Country Club41.4m

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