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Bicycle Lake Army Airfield (Fort Irwin)

Where is Bicycle Lake Army Airfield (Fort Irwin) in California?

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Whats near:
Exit 221 I-15 Newberry-Baker, CA 9230918.6m
Exit 213 I-15 Newberry-Baker, CA 9236518.8m
Exit 206 I-15 Newberry Springs, CA 9236521.2m
Airport: Barstow-Daggett Airport30.0m
Exit 18 I-40 Newberry Springs, CA 9236530.6m
Newberry Springs on US Route 6630.7m
Exit 12 I-40 Daggett, CA 9232731.1m
Exit 23 I-40 Newberry Springs, CA 9236531.4m
Daggett on US Route 6631.6m
Greyhound: Barstow, CA33.3m
Barstow - Bus Stop (BBS) Amtrak station33.3m
Barstow - (BAR) Amtrak station33.6m
Local golf courses:
Logistics Base Golf Course32.4m
Sun Valley Golf & Country Club40.2m
Silver Lakes Golf & Country Club53.4m
Trona Golf Course54.8m
Apple Valley Golf & Country Club61.4m
China Lake Golf Course62.4m
Westwinds Golf Course62.8m
Spring Valley Lake Golf & Country Club64.6m
Green Tree Golf Course65.5m
Ashwood Golf Course65.9m
Hesperia Golf & Country Club69.5m
Lakeview Executive Golf Course72.5m

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