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Where is Lupton on US Route 66 in Arizona?

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Zip Code:Lupton, AZ 86508
Apache County
Directions:North frontage road - South frontage road (@ I-40 exit 359)
Local towns from exit:
Lupton, AZ Houck, AZ
Mentmore, NM Gallup, NM
Sanders, AZ Jamestown, NM
Fort Wingate, NM Rehoboth, NM
Yatahey, NM Vanderwagen, NM
Window Rock, AZ Gamerco, NM

Whats near:
Exit 359 I-40 Lupton, AZ 865080.1m
State Line AZ NM I-40 State-Line AZ-NM0.6m
Exit 357 I-40 Lupton, AZ 865081.5m
Airport: Gallup Municipal Airport18.3m
Airport: Window Rock Airport20.5m
Gallup - (GLP) Amtrak station21.3m
Greyhound: Gallup, NM21.9m
Airport: Black Rock Airport23.9m
Navajo Technical College55.7m
Diné College65.4m
Local golf courses:
Gallup Municipal Golf Course21.7m
Concho Valley Golf & Country Club71.7m
Silver Creek Golf Club86.4m
More destinations in sequence on Route 66:
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Arizona state line0.6 miles Join I-40 exit 3544.4 miles
Manuelito5.6 miles Visit: Petrified Forest National Park46.4 miles
Defiance12.9 miles Leave I-40 exit 28967.3 miles

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