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Wise Correctional Unit, Virginia

Where is Wise Correctional Unit in Virginia?

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Address:3703 Dungannon Road, Highway 72 South, Coeburn, VA 24230
Zip Code:Coeburn, VA 24230
Dickenson, Scott, Wise

Whats near:
Airport: Lonesome Pine Airport6.2m
University of Virginia's College at Wise6.5m
Prison: Red Onion State Prison14.3m
Prison: Wallens Ridge State Prison18.7m
Start TN I-26 Kingsport, TN 3766523.5m
Motor racing: Kingsport Speedway24.2m
Exit 1 I-26 Kingsport, TN 3766025.8m
Greyhound: Kingsport, TN26.1m
Virginia Intermont College26.8m
Greyhound: Bristol, TN27.0m
King College28.3m
Airport: Virginia Highlands Airport28.4m
Local golf courses:
Dan Hall Mountain Golf Resort2.9m
Lonesome Pine Golf & Country Club12.1m
Lake Bonaventure Golf & Country Club14.1m
Scott County Park & Golf club18.8m
Raven Rock Golf Course21.0m
Crocketts Ridge Golf Club24.8m
Clear Creek Golf Club25.1m
Ridgefields Golf & Country Club26.5m
Steel Creek Golf Course26.9m
Willowbrook Golf & Country Club27.9m
Warriors Path State Park Golf Course28.3m
Sleepy Hollow Golf & Country Club28.7m
Neighbouring towns:
Coeburn, VA Andover, VA
Wise, VA Saint Paul, VA
Pound, VA Norton, VA
Dungannon, VA Nora, VA
Mc Clure, VA Castlewood, VA
Dante, VA Nickelsville, VA

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