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Kershaw Correctional Institution, South-Carolina

Where is Kershaw Correctional Institution in South-Carolina?

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Address:4848 Goldmine Highway, Kershaw, SC 29067
Zip Code:Kershaw, SC 29067
Kershaw, Lancaster

Whats near:
Airport: Pageland Airport15.2m
University of South Carolina Lancaster16.9m
Airport: Lancaster County Airport (McWhirter Field)19.7m
Airport: Woodward Field21.6m
Camden - (CAM) Amtrak station24.5m
Greyhound: Camden, SC24.6m
Exit 101 I-20 Camden, SC 2902026.2m
Exit 98 I-20 Camden, SC 2902026.3m
Exit 108 I-20 Camden, SC 2902027.4m
Wingate University27.5m
Greyhound: Monroe, NC28.8m
Coker College31.0m
Local golf courses:
Kershaw Golf & Country Club5.0m
Stevens Acres golf course5.0m
White Plains Golf & Country Club11.7m
Lancaster Golf Club15.0m
Bethune Golf & Country Club17.4m
Republic Golf Club21.6m
White Pines Golf Course22.4m
Camden Golf & Country Club22.7m
Sandy Point Golf Club24.0m
Stonebridge Golf Club24.3m
Monroe Golf & Country Club25.8m
Green Hills Golf Course26.9m
Neighbouring towns:
Kershaw, SC Westville, SC
Jefferson, SC Bethune, SC
Cassatt, SC Heath Springs, SC
Camden, SC Mc Bee, SC
Liberty Hill, SC Ridgeway, SC
Pageland, SC Lancaster, SC

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