US Interstate 40

Exit 157 I-40 Shamrock, TX 79079

Where is exit 157 on highway I-40 in Texas?

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Destinations:FM 1547 / FM 2474 / FM 3075 – Lela
Wheeler County
Zip Code:Shamrock, TX 79079

Whats near:
Exit 161 I-40 Shamrock, TX 790794.0m
Exit 152 I-40 Shamrock, TX 790795.0m
Exit 163 I-40 Shamrock, TX 790795.3m
Shamrock on US Route 665.3m
County Line Rd on US Route 6611.0m
McLean on US Route 6615.0m
Clarendon College (Texas)37.1m
Prison: Baten Intermediate Sanction Facility38.4m
Prison: Rufe Jordan Unit38.6m
Prison: Sayre Community Work Center40.1m
Airport: Perry Lefors Field45.4m
Airport: Hemphill County Airport46.4m
Local golf courses:
Shamrock Golf & Country Club5.4m
McLean Golf Association15.2m
Wellington Golf & Country Club26.6m
Clarendon Golf & Country Club34.2m
Memphis Golf & Country Club36.9m
Sayre Golf Course39.6m
Pampa Golf & Country Club40.4m
Hidden Hills Public Golf Course42.3m
Canadian Golf Club49.4m
Mangum Golf Course52.5m
Elk City Golf & Country Club54.0m
Stony Ridge Golf & Country Club56.1m

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