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USA ferry crossing terminals

Where are the ferry ports in the USA?

USA Ferry ports/harbor side
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14th St Pier / Hoboken, NJ 14th St Pier / Hoboken, NJ

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Akers Ferry, MO Akers Ferry, MO
Alameda Ferry Terminal, CA Alameda Ferry Terminal, CA
Albemarle County, VA Albemarle County, VA
Alcatraz, San Francisco bay, CA Alcatraz, San Francisco bay, CA
Algiers, LA Algiers, LA
Algonac (North Channel), MI Algonac (North Channel), MI
Algonac (St. Clair River), MI Algonac (St. Clair River), MI
Anacortes - Guemes Island, WA Anacortes - Guemes Island, WA
Anacortes Ferry Terminal, WA Anacortes Ferry Terminal, WA
Anderson Island, WA Anderson Island, WA
Angel Island, CA Angel Island, CA
Angoon, AK Angoon, AK
Annapolis, WA Annapolis, WA
Aransas Pass, TX Aransas Pass, TX
Atlantic Hghlnds, NJ Atlantic Hghlnds, NJ
Augusta, KY Augusta, KY
Aurora, NC Aurora, NC
Avalon, CA Avalon, CA

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Bainbridge Island, WA Bainbridge Island, WA
Balboa Island, CA Balboa Island, CA
Balboa, CA Balboa, CA
Bald Head Island, NC Bald Head Island, NC
Barbeau, MI Barbeau, MI
Bass Harbor, ME Bass Harbor, ME
Batchtown, IL Batchtown, IL
Battery Maritime Building, Manhattan, NY Battery Maritime Building, Manhattan, NY
Battery Park, Manhattan, NY Battery Park, Manhattan, NY
Bay Shore, NY Bay Shore, NY
Bayfield, WI Bayfield, WI
Bayview, NC Bayview, NC
Beaver Dam, KY Beaver Dam, KY
Beaver Island, MI Beaver Island, MI
Belford Harbor, NJ Belford Harbor, NJ
Belle Chasse, LA Belle Chasse, LA
Bellevue, MD Bellevue, MD
Bellingham, WA Bellingham, WA
Bemus Point, NY Bemus Point, NY
Bethel & Braod Creek, DE Bethel & Braod Creek, DE
Block Island, RI Block Island, RI
Bois Blanc Isle, MI Bois Blanc Isle, MI
Boston - Long Wharf, MA Boston - Long Wharf, MA
Boston - Rowes Wharf, MA Boston - Rowes Wharf, MA
Boston - World Trade Center, MA Boston - World Trade Center, MA
Bremerton, WA Bremerton, WA
Bridgeport, CT Bridgeport, CT
Bristol, RI Bristol, RI
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY
Buckingham County, VA Buckingham County, VA
Buena Vista, Polk Co., OR Buena Vista, Polk Co., OR
Bullfrog, UT Bullfrog, UT
Burlington, VT Burlington, VT

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Camden, AL Camden, AL
Camden, NJ Camden, NJ
Cameron, LA Cameron, LA
Canal Street, New Orleans, LA Canal Street, New Orleans, LA
Canby, OR Canby, OR
Canton, MO Canton, MO
Cape May, NJ Cape May, NJ
Carter, MT Carter, MT
Carvers, NC Carvers, NC
Carville, LA Carville, LA
Cassvile, WI Cassvile, WI
Catawba Point, OH Catawba Point, OH
Cave-in-Rock, IL Cave-in-Rock, IL
Cedar Island, NC Cedar Island, NC
Chalmette, LA Chalmette, LA
Chappaquiddick, MA Chappaquiddick, MA
Charlestown, MA Charlestown, MA
Charlevoix, MI Charlevoix, MI
Charlotte, VT Charlotte, VT
Cheboygan, MI Cheboygan, MI
Chelan, WA Chelan, WA
Cherry Branch, NC Cherry Branch, NC
Chester, CT Chester, CT
Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati, OH
Cliff Island, ME Cliff Island, ME
Clinton, WA Clinton, WA
Coffman Cove, AK Coffman Cove, AK
Columbia Co., WI Columbia Co., WI
Como, NC Como, NC
Constance, KY Constance, KY
Copper Harbor, MI Copper Harbor, MI
Coronado, CA Coronado, CA
Crisfield, MD Crisfield, MD
Cumberland City, TN Cumberland City, TN
Currituck, NC Currituck, NC
Cuttyhunk Island, MA Cuttyhunk Island, MA

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Dana Point, CA Dana Point, CA
Danville, TN Danville, TN
Dauphin Island, AL Dauphin Island, AL
De Tour, MI De Tour, MI
Dorena, MO Dorena, MO
Drummond Island, MI Drummond Island, MI
Duty (North), LA Duty (North), LA

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E 34th St, Manhattan, NY E 34th St, Manhattan, NY
E 90th Street Ferry Terminal, Manhattan, NY E 90th Street Ferry Terminal, Manhattan, NY
Edgard, LA Edgard, LA
Edgartown, MA Edgartown, MA
Edgewater Landing, Edgewater, NJ Edgewater Landing, Edgewater, NJ
Edmonds, WA Edmonds, WA
Ellis Island, New York, NY Ellis Island, New York, NY
Embarcadero Ferry Terminal, San Francisco, CA Embarcadero Ferry Terminal, San Francisco, CA
Essex, NY Essex, NY
Ewell, Smith Island, MD Ewell, Smith Island, MD

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Falmouth, MA Falmouth, MA
Fauntleroy, WA Fauntleroy, WA
Faxon, TN Faxon, TN
Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA
Ferry County WA Ferry County WA
Fire Island, NY Fire Island, NY
Fishers Island, NY Fishers Island, NY
Fly, OH Fly, OH
Fort Fisher, NC Fort Fisher, NC
Fort George Island, FL Fort George Island, FL
Fort Hancock - Sandy Hook, NJ Fort Hancock - Sandy Hook, NJ
Fort Jefferson, FL Fort Jefferson, FL
Fort Morgan, AL Fort Morgan, AL
Fort Myers, FL Fort Myers, FL
Fredericksburg, MO Fredericksburg, MO
Fredericktown, PA Fredericktown, PA
Frenchboro, ME Frenchboro, ME
Friday Harbor, WA Friday Harbor, WA
Ft. Toconderoga, NY Ft. Toconderoga, NY

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Galilee, RI Galilee, RI
Galveston, TX Galveston, TX
Gees Bend, AL Gees Bend, AL
Gifford, WA Gifford, WA
Golden Eagle, IL Golden Eagle, IL
Gooseberry Point, WA Gooseberry Point, WA
Grafton, IL Grafton, IL
Grand Island, CA Grand Island, CA
Grand Isle, VT Grand Isle, VT
Grand Portage, MN Grand Portage, MN
Great Chebeague Island, ME Great Chebeague Island, ME
Great Diamond Island, ME Great Diamond Island, ME
Greenport, NY Greenport, NY
Gretna, LA Gretna, LA
Guemes Island, WA Guemes Island, WA
Gulfport, MS Gulfport, MS

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Hadlyme, CT Hadlyme, CT
Haines, AK Haines, AK
Halls Crossing, UT Halls Crossing, UT
Hampton, VA Hampton, VA
Harbor Bay Isle, CA Harbor Bay Isle, CA
Harsens Island, MI Harsens Island, MI
Harwich Port, MA Harwich Port, MA
Hatteras, NC Hatteras, NC
Hermann, MO Hermann, MO
Hickman, KY Hickman, KY
Higginsport, OH Higginsport, OH
Highwood, MT Highwood, MT
Hingham, MA Hingham, MA
Hoboken, Transit Terminal, NJ Hoboken, Transit Terminal, NJ
Hollis, AK Hollis, AK
Holly Beach, W. of Cameron, LA Holly Beach, W. of Cameron, LA
Homer, AK Homer, AK
Hoonah, AK Hoonah, AK
Houghton, MI Houghton, MI
Hull, MA Hull, MA
Hunters Point South/Long Island City, Queens, NY Hunters Point South/Long Island City, Queens, NY
Hwy 100 - Coe, KY Hwy 100 - Coe, KY
Hyannis, MA Hyannis, MA

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Illinois Route 108, IL Illinois Route 108, IL
Inchelium, WA Inchelium, WA
India Street / Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY India Street / Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
Ironton Cove, MI Ironton Cove, MI
Ironton, MI Ironton, MI
Islesboro, ME Islesboro, ME

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Jamestown, VA Jamestown, VA
Jersey City, NJ Jersey City, NJ
Juneau, AK Juneau, AK

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Kampsville, IL Kampsville, IL
Kampville, MO Kampville, MO
Kayan, VA Kayan, VA
Kelleys Island, OH Kelleys Island, OH
Kelly, NC Kelly, NC
Ketchikan Airport, AK Ketchikan Airport, AK
Ketchikan, AK Ketchikan, AK
Ketron Island, WA Ketron Island, WA
Key West, FL Key West, FL
Keystone, WA Keystone, WA
Kingston, WA Kingston, WA
Knotts Island, NC Knotts Island, NC
Kodiak, AK Kodiak, AK

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La Belle, PA La Belle, PA
La Pointe, WI La Pointe, WI
Larkspur, CA Larkspur, CA
Larrabees Point, VT Larrabees Point, VT
Leroy (South of), MT Leroy (South of), MT
Lewes, DE Lewes, DE
Lexington, KY Lexington, KY
Liberty Harbor / Marin Blvd, NJ Liberty Harbor / Marin Blvd, NJ
Liberty Harbor / Warren St, NJ Liberty Harbor / Warren St, NJ
Liberty Island, NY Liberty Island, NY
Liberty Landing Marina, NJ Liberty Landing Marina, NJ
Lincoln Co., WA Lincoln Co., WA
Lincoln Harbor, Weehawken, NJ Lincoln Harbor, Weehawken, NJ
Lincolnville, ME Lincolnville, ME
Little Diamond Island, ME Little Diamond Island, ME
Liverpool, PA Liverpool, PA
Logan, MA Logan, MA
Long Beach Downtown, CA Long Beach Downtown, CA
Long Beach Queen Mary, CA Long Beach Queen Mary, CA
Long Island, ME Long Island, ME
Lopez Island, WA Lopez Island, WA
Loudoun County, VA Loudoun County, VA
Lower Algiers, LA Lower Algiers, LA
Ludington, MI Ludington, MI
Lummi Island, WA Lummi Island, WA
Lynchburg, TX Lynchburg, TX

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Mackinac Island, MI Mackinac Island, MI
Mackinaw, MI Mackinaw, MI
Mammoth Cave - Green River Ferry, KY Mammoth Cave - Green River Ferry, KY
Mammoth Cave - Houchins Ferry, KY Mammoth Cave - Houchins Ferry, KY
Manitowoc, WI Manitowoc, WI
Marblehead, OH Marblehead, OH
Marina Del Ray, CA Marina Del Ray, CA
Marion County - Buena Vista ferry, OR Marion County - Buena Vista ferry, OR
Marion County - Wheatland Ferry, OR Marion County - Wheatland Ferry, OR
Marion, KY Marion, KY
Martha's Vineyard - Oak Bluffs Ave, MA Martha's Vineyard - Oak Bluffs Ave, MA
Martha's Vineyard - Oak Bluffs Harbor, MA Martha's Vineyard - Oak Bluffs Harbor, MA
Martha's Vineyard - Vineyard Haven Harbor, MA Martha's Vineyard - Vineyard Haven Harbor, MA
Matinicus Island, ME Matinicus Island, ME
Mayport, FL Mayport, FL
McNeil Island, WA McNeil Island, WA
Merrimac, WI Merrimac, WI
Merry Point, VA Merry Point, VA
Metlakatla, AK Metlakatla, AK
Meyer, IL Meyer, IL
Middle Bass Island, OH Middle Bass Island, OH
Midtown / West 39th St, Manhattan, NY Midtown / West 39th St, Manhattan, NY
Millersburg, PA Millersburg, PA
Millville, IA Millville, IA
Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee, WI
Minnesott, NC Minnesott, NC
Monhegan Island, ME Monhegan Island, ME
Montauk, NY Montauk, NY
Montgomery County, MD Montgomery County, MD
Mukilteo, WA Mukilteo, WA
Muskegon, MI Muskegon, MI

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N 6th Street, North Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY N 6th Street, North Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Nantucket, MA Nantucket, MA
NE of Salt Springs, FL NE of Salt Springs, FL
Neebish Island, MI Neebish Island, MI
New Bedford, MA New Bedford, MA
New London, CT New London, CT
New York Waterway Paulus Hook, NJ New York Waterway Paulus Hook, NJ
Newport Beach, CA Newport Beach, CA
Newport, Jersey City, NJ Newport, Jersey City, NJ
Newport, RI Newport, RI
Norfolk Harbor Park, VA Norfolk Harbor Park, VA
Norfolk, VA Norfolk, VA
North Haven, ME North Haven, ME
North Haven, NY North Haven, NY
Northport, WI Northport, WI

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Oakland Ferry Terminal, CA Oakland Ferry Terminal, CA
Oakland, CA Oakland, CA
Ocracoke, NC Ocracoke, NC
Onancock, VA Onancock, VA
Orcas Island, WA Orcas Island, WA
Orient Point, NY Orient Point, NY
Ottoman, VA Ottoman, VA
Oxford, MD Oxford, MD

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Peaks Island, ME Peaks Island, ME
Peel, AR Peel, AR
Petersburg, AK Petersburg, AK
Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA
Pier 33, San Francisco, CA Pier 33, San Francisco, CA
Pier 41, San Francisco, CA Pier 41, San Francisco, CA
Pier 42 - AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA Pier 42 - AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA
Plaquemine (East of), LA Plaquemine (East of), LA
Plaquemine, LA Plaquemine, LA
Plattsburgh, NY Plattsburgh, NY
Plymouth, MA Plymouth, MA
Point Defiance, WA Point Defiance, WA
Point Lookout, MD Point Lookout, MD
Pointe a La Hache, LA Pointe a La Hache, LA
Pointe Coupee, LA Pointe Coupee, LA
Port Angeles, WA Port Angeles, WA
Port Aransas, TX Port Aransas, TX
Port Bolivar, TX Port Bolivar, TX
Port Clinton, OH Port Clinton, OH
Port Clyde, ME Port Clyde, ME
Port Imperial Ferry Terminal / West New York, NJ Port Imperial Ferry Terminal / West New York, NJ
Port Jefferson, NY Port Jefferson, NY
Port Kent, NY Port Kent, NY
Port Lions, AK Port Lions, AK
Port Orchard, WA Port Orchard, WA
Port Townsend, WA Port Townsend, WA
Portland, ME Portland, ME
Portsmouth - High St, VA Portsmouth - High St, VA
Portsmouth - North Landing, VA Portsmouth - North Landing, VA
Prairie Du Rocher, IL Prairie Du Rocher, IL
Protem, MO Protem, MO
Providence, RI Providence, RI
Provincetown, MA Provincetown, MA
Prudence Island, RI Prudence Island, RI
Puget Island, WA Puget Island, WA
Put-in-Bay, OH Put-in-Bay, OH

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Quincy, MA Quincy, MA
Quonset Point, RI Quonset Point, RI

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Reedville, VA Reedville, VA
Reserve, LA Reserve, LA
Rio Vista, CA Rio Vista, CA
Rochester, KY Rochester, KY
Rock Harbor, Isle Royale, MI Rock Harbor, Isle Royale, MI
Rock Island, WI Rock Island, WI
Rockland, ME Rockland, ME
Rocky Hill, CT Rocky Hill, CT
Ryer Island, CA Ryer Island, CA

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S Duty, LA S Duty, LA
Sainte Genevieve, MO Sainte Genevieve, MO
Salisbury (North), MD Salisbury (North), MD
Salisbury (South), MD Salisbury (South), MD
San Diego - 5th Av Pier, CA San Diego - 5th Av Pier, CA
San Diego - Broadway Pier, CA San Diego - Broadway Pier, CA
San Diego - High Speed, CA San Diego - High Speed, CA
San Jacinto State Park, TX San Jacinto State Park, TX
San Pedro, CA San Pedro, CA
Sandusky, OH Sandusky, OH
Sault Ste. Marie, MI Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Sausalito, CA Sausalito, CA
Scarsdale, LA Scarsdale, LA
Schaefer Landing, South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY Schaefer Landing, South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Scotland, VA Scotland, VA
Seaford, DE Seaford, DE
Seattle, WA Seattle, WA
Seldovia, AK Seldovia, AK
Sharps Chapel, TN Sharps Chapel, TN
Shaw Island, WA Shaw Island, WA
Shelter (North) Island, NY Shelter (North) Island, NY
Shelter (South) Island, NY Shelter (South) Island, NY
Ship Island, MS Ship Island, MS
Sistersville, WV Sistersville, WV
Skagway, AK Skagway, AK
Soissons Dock, Brooklyn, NY Soissons Dock, Brooklyn, NY
Somerset Co., MD Somerset Co., MD
South Glastonbury, CT South Glastonbury, CT
South Ryer Island, CA South Ryer Island, CA
Southport - Deep Point Marina, NC Southport - Deep Point Marina, NC
Southport, NC Southport, NC
Southworth, WA Southworth, WA
Speedwell, TN Speedwell, TN
St. Charles Co., MO St. Charles Co., MO
St. Francisville, LA St. Francisville, LA
St. Ignace, MI St. Ignace, MI
Staten Island, NY Staten Island, NY
Stehekin, WA Stehekin, WA
Steilacoom, WA Steilacoom, WA
Stow, NY Stow, NY
Sugar Island, MI Sugar Island, MI
Sunnybank, VA Sunnybank, VA
Swan Quarter, NC Swan Quarter, NC
Swans Island, ME Swans Island, ME

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Tahlequah, WA Tahlequah, WA
Tangier Island, VA Tangier Island, VA
Tenakee Springs, AK Tenakee Springs, AK
Throckmorton, TN Throckmorton, TN
Tiburon, CA Tiburon, CA
Tompkinsville, KY Tompkinsville, KY
Two Harbors, CA Two Harbors, CA

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Unalaska, AK Unalaska, AK

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Valdez, AK Valdez, AK
Vallejo, CA Vallejo, CA
Valley View, KY Valley View, KY
Vashon Island, WA Vashon Island, WA
Vinalhaven, ME Vinalhaven, ME
Virgelle (South of), MT Virgelle (South of), MT
Virgelle, MT Virgelle, MT

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Wall Street-Pier 11, Manhattan, NY Wall Street-Pier 11, Manhattan, NY
Washington Island - Ferry Dock, WI Washington Island - Ferry Dock, WI
Washington Island - Jackson Harbor, WI Washington Island - Jackson Harbor, WI
Welaka (South of), FL Welaka (South of), FL
West Pointe a La Hache, LA West Pointe a La Hache, LA
Westport, OR Westport, OR
White Castle, LA White Castle, LA
Whitehall Terminal Manhattan (South Ferry), Manhattan, NY Whitehall Terminal Manhattan (South Ferry), Manhattan, NY
Whitehaven, MD Whitehaven, MD
Whittier, AK Whittier, AK
Wilsonville, OR Wilsonville, OR
Windigo, Isle Royale, MI Windigo, Isle Royale, MI
Winfield, MO Winfield, MO
Winifred (North of), MT Winifred (North of), MT
Winton, NC Winton, NC
Woodard, NC Woodard, NC
Woods Hole, MA Woods Hole, MA
World Financial Center, Manhattan, NY World Financial Center, Manhattan, NY
Wrangell, AK Wrangell, AK

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Yamhill Co., OR Yamhill Co., OR