The Ballpark at Benedictine

Benedictine Ravens - NCAA baseball

Where do the Benedictine Ravens play baseball?

US Baseball US Baseball Benedictine Ravens

Venue:The Ballpark at Benedictine
University:Benedictine College NCAA university

Whats near:
Soccer: Benedictine Ravens0.1m
Benedictine College0.3m
Football: Benedictine Ravens0.4m
Exit 35 I-29 Faucett, MO 6444817.3m
Airport: Sherman AAF17.5m
Airport: Rosecrans Memorial Airport17.6m
Exit 30 I-29 Dearborn, MO 6443917.7m
Exit 25 I-29 Platte City, MO 6407919.1m
Greyhound: St Joseph, MO19.2m
Prison: Western Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center21.2m
Horse racing: Platte County Fair21.6m
Missouri Western State University21.7m
Local golf courses:
Bellevue Golf & Country Club2.1m
Pineview Golf & Country Club4.8m
Trails West Golf Course18.5m
Fairview Golf Course19.9m
Moila Shrine Golf & Country Club20.9m
St. Joseph Golf Club21.5m
Oaks Golf Club22.2m
Horton Lakeview Golf & Country Club22.7m
St. Joseph Golf & Country Club23.6m
Leavenworth Golf & Country Club23.7m
Shiloh Springs Golf Club25.1m
Hiawatha Golf & Country Club28.9m

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