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Pateros - Bus Stop (PTE)

Where is Pateros - Bus Stop (PTE) amtrak station in Washington?

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Address:245 Lakeshore Drive, Chevron Station/Super Stop Store, Pateros, WA 98846
Zip Code:Pateros, WA 98846

Whats near:
Brewster - Bus Stop (BWW) Amtrak station6.5m
Greyhound: Brewster, WA6.7m
Ferry port: Chelan, WA16.3m
Greyhound: Okanogan, WA26.0m
Okanogan - Bus Stop (OGW) Amtrak station26.2m
Wenatchee Valley College30.2m
Omak - Bus Stop (OMW) Amtrak station30.7m
Greyhound: Omak, WA30.8m
Airport: Omak Airport33.2m
Ferry port: Stehekin, WA39.1m
Airport: Lake Wenatchee State Airport41.1m
Airport: Pangborn Memorial Airport47.4m
Local golf courses:
Alta Lake Golf Resort2.0m
Lake Woods Golf Club13.6m
Lake Chelan Golf Course15.1m
Mill Bay Casino Golf course15.7m
Desert Canyon Golf Resort26.4m
Okanogan Valley Golf Club28.2m
Bear Creek Golf Course30.2m
Vic Meyers Golf Course39.7m
Banks Lake Golf & Country Club39.9m
Kahler Glen Golf & Ski resort41.8m
Mount Cashmere Golf Course46.1m
Wenatchee Golf & Country Club46.5m

Local hotel/motel accommodation for "Pateros - Bus Stop (PTE)":
Riverwalk Inn Riverwalk Inn
Rating: 3
Rooms: 14
Chelan, WA 98816
Price: $59.00
book now Pateros - Bus Stop (PTE)
Pateros - Bus Stop (PTE)
Distance to hotel: 15.70miles

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